CES is Going to be Big

CES is Going to be Big

Jan 04

If smart phones and other electronic doodads are your thing then you’re going to go crazy at CES this year. It’s every tablet, TV, smart phone, and other gadget that is going to be rolled out in 2014 all in one place at one time for you to put your hands on.

Logitech, Intel, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, and more will be trying to put their best foot forward and giving you a taste of things to come. If you’re smart phone isn’t enough how about a smart bed, or even the smart doorknob to go with your robot that makes you coffee. If you feel like your smoke detectors to stupid right now don’t worry, there’s a smart one at CES.

The 2014 CES event will be the largest on record with 3200 companies showing their wares. It should be no surprise to anyone who follows the tech industry that Apple will not be at the show as they will once again save their goodies for their own events. Even if the tech giant won’t attend they will still have products at the show. The Apple I lounge for example will be represented by several exhibitors.

Google is following suit with Apple and will not be appearing at CES. This adds up to about 95% of the world smart phones not being represented directly. Neither Google nor Apple has given an explanation why they won’t appear however it is speculated that they do have their own events planned. The writers at Mobile Informers think the two companies will be launching events in an attempt to outdo each other. That should be fun to watch.

Another booth you wouldn’t expect to see is one dedicated to Search Engine Optimization. Google has long been trying to minimize the impact of companies and individuals trying to manipulate their algorithm. “Most SEOs are not trying to manipulate the algorithm in a harmful way”, said Bill Wilson, an Internet analyst.  ”They are trying to make sure Google sees their clients site in the best light possible, and this means communicating accurately the purpose of the site to both consumers and Google”. One new trend pointed out by the Web Exordium, located in Allen, TX, is to provide local SEO services in affluent suburbs like Plano, Garland, Carrollton and Richardson.

Microsoft’s presence will be minor at best as it has no booth and no keynote speaker schedule for the event. This is in contrast to the 2009 CES event for Microsoft filled thousands of square feet with their Windows 7 unveiling.

Microsoft may regret this decision as it is speculated that many personal computers will be made available that are referred to as “PC plus”. The species run Windows and the android operating system giving those with a dislike for Microsoft that option. The PC plus machines use software emulation to offer both operating systems and should bring more touch screen apps to the Microsoft environment.

Healthcare centric devices will be on the rise as well. Heart rate monitors as well as step recorders and devices designed to help you get a better nights sleep will have a much larger presence this year. And no tech show would be complete without its collection of electronic weight loss devices.

The term for the year is “connected devices”. These devices will include cars, washing machines, phones, clothing, entire houses, and yes human beings. And don’t forget Free Mobile games, because there is going to be a ton of them. If you need to be on the Internet 24 hours a day and be able to track where your wife is going by using the chip located in her shoes then these types of devices will be for you. Although there is some value in a washing machine that can electronically detect the intensity of the dirt on your socks and change the washing cycle accordingly there may be a lot of wasted time in this area.

Internet Privacy is Harder Than Ever

Internet Privacy is Harder Than Ever

Jan 04

No one wants to think about who’s spying on our Internet activities. Forget about the fact that it’s a violation of our privacy, it’s just creepy and the US government has really gotten out of hand in the creepy area lately. Besides its not actually hurting us right?

Actually there is harm in this behavior. Do you want to share your family photos with the world? It’s one thing to upload them to Facebook, but do you really want them all available? Without your consent? How about without your knowledge? Would you like companies vacuum-cleaning up details from your social-media accounts? Given enough random knowledge about you even a bad identity thief could cause some pain.

And this isn’t even considering the government sanctioned snoops who might take an interest in what you are saying. If you think a hacker is problem, try trying to protect your privacy against the NSA or CIA. If you use a computer, you can’t.

Here are a few ways to help stay more private on the Internet. They won’t keep out determined data miners but it will deter the bots and minor thieves.

To begin with, you’ll want to keep laptop or computer clear of worms : software programs an individual accidentally download that could write about your details using cyber-terrorist. AVG as well as avast! tend to be beneficial spots to get started on without cost antivirus protection. AdAware along with Spybot Lookup & Destroytarget malware. Check your Internet providers by Zip Code for more information on Spybot.

Following, note that each important browser comes with a “incognito” as well as “private browsing” mode. That is one particular brand of protection in opposition to promoters that will course in which an individual move, as well as snoops who obtain on your desktop. Practically in most browsers, Control + Adjust + G will take upwards a private searching windowpane. (In Opera browsers, Control + Adjust + And introduces the particular “incognito” windowpane. )

One more hint: No matter what you choose to do, an individual get away from plenty of information at the rear of on your desktop. Your browser includes a record involving exactly what you’ve also been looking at along with exactly what you’ve downloadable. Additionally, it maintains those people “cookies” you’ve found out about.

A few cupcakes are of help, and a few tend to be troubling. A plan like CCleaner, a well-reviewed cleansing program, could keep excess cupcakes and other junk away from your personal machine.

Are you currently focused on an individual snooping as part of your email? Not just does the particular technological innovation are present, a number of companies already practice it. Google30mail users, as an example, are employed to viewing, point out, dog-related ads close to his or her email windowpane if they have been speaking about pooches using a friend. That is done routinely along with, to be fair, that is the price an individual pay for employing Google’s highly effective email program without cost.

To be as secure as you possibly can in opposition to some other spying little brown eyes, try using a software program known as PGP – that is quick pertaining to Excellent Solitude. (The brand is usually small – if used effectively, this course ought to keep email non-public via every thing yet government-level decryption. ) It will demand a number of work plus the cooperation involving friends and family.

To read more, along with detailed setup details, visit the PGP web page the following.

Next thing should be to keep World-wide-web searching non-public. We explained to an individual before the best way to preserve it safe via promoters along with snoops using non-public searching, yet that wont quit your internet provider along with devoted cyber-terrorist.

The ultimate way to preserve it safe there is to apply what on earth is known as a World-wide-web “proxy. inches Tor will be the most famous these. Together with Tor, each and every web page an individual visit is usually routed nevertheless a inform involving you are not selected hosting space. No person on either finish with the link can easily see exactly what Internet sites you happen to be visiting.

But it’s also possible to go with a private organization that gives a so-called “VPN, inches as well as exclusive non-public network. These kinds of can easily function an individual $40 as well as $50 12 months, along with demand a little bit of setup, too, yet can be handy throughout plenty of approaches.

Other than preserving ones World-wide-web surfing non-public, a VPN allows you to view TELLY broadcasts within the Ough. Ohydrates. while you are touring in other countries. But they’re also extremely beneficial for those people who journey and are at the mercy of sometimes-unsecure regional Wi-Fi sites; they may keep email along with shows non-public using encrypted verbal exchanges.

Now, as we have noticed on the the latest revelations around the Country wide Safety Agency’s spying, a motivated federal firm can easily split several of these defense. So, don’t think you can obtain aside using anything at all illegitimate. But in opposition to lots of the typical suspects : entrepreneurs, identification thieves and the like : these guidelines will make the web an infinitely more secure area to suit your needs.

Internet Access for the Zombie Apocalypse

Internet Access for the Zombie Apocalypse

Jan 03

So the earth is covered in zombies and you need to email your human friend a pic of your cat pooping on the couch. As this is a problem likely to be encountered by our readers in the near future MyPowerLight looked into possible solutions and surprisingly found one.

Software already exists that can allow hardware such as Wi-Fi routers and smartphones to link without a centralized service provider. You may not be able to call anywhere in the world, but a handset-to-handset communication network could be established. How is this possible you ask as zombies are at my door? Check this out.

Flinders University in Australia is currently working on a project that will enable Android phones to connect to each other using only their Wi-Fi connectivity. The project is named Serval and it uses an app to enable file transfers, text messages, voice calls and more. The two or more devices involved in the communication don’t need to be in range to speak to each other as long as additional devices are in the area running the app. These additional devices create a temporary network that allows information to hop between phones just like data hops between routers now.

This approach has been called Mesh Networking in the past, and although the idea is not new the ability to actually roll one out is only now becoming possible with recent smartphone and Wi-Fi technology. And this isn’t science fiction anymore as mesh networks already exist in Washington, Detroit, and Brooklyn courtesy of software developed by a project call Commotion Wireless and internet service providers in my area. This project is run by the Open Technology Institute and managed by the New American Foundation, a think tank in Washington, DC.

The mesh network in Brooklyn showed how this technology could help directly in disaster recovery after superstorm Sandy cut almost all power in the area. A satellite provided by FEMA was connected to part of the mesh network that was still operating and made data access available to everyone in the area including emergency personnel.  All of the data went through a Wi-Fi router installed on the roof of an auto body shop. Although the speeds could never compete with Dish network internet, it was certainly better than nothing!

This type of technology would also be very useful in areas where governments control all data throughput. The Serval mesh networks are strongly encrypted and would allow dissidents to communicate even if a government turned off primary internet access. This would allow people at a protest to keep communication even if existing cellular networks were scrambled.

To this end the United States State Department has provided The Commotion Project federal grants to continue development and has gone on record saying it was interested in protecting the free flow of information.

The Commotion Team is currently using those grants to develop Cryptocat, a web application that is used to communicate securely across a mesh network. Data is encrypted on the client side so unsecure data never hits the server. This software is available for the Mac OS X, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Cryptocat encrypts chats on the client side, only trusting the server with data that is already encrypted. Cryptocat is offered as an app for Mac OS X or as a browser extension for Google Chrome,[3] Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.